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Kosherkeepers® are plastic food storage containers in a variety of sizes, labeled for easy kosher classification — Meat, Dairy and Pareve. Printed in Red for meat, Blue for dairy and Green for Pareve with corresponding colored lids. The containers are reusable, recyclable, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. These are so fantastic and they make staying organized so easy. Enter to win an assortment of kosherkeepers in an assortment of sizes including 64, 32, 16, and 8 ounces.

If you can’t wait to see if you have won, they are available through our Opensky shop. Use code REDESIGN for a 10 % discount.

66 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway – Kosher Keepers

  1. What a great product! So hard to find multi-colored tupperware other than blue, and remember which ones were milchig/fleishig/pareve!

  2. What a GREAT idea. We have just started keeping kosher and have kashered our kitchen. These would really help us keep leftovers properly separated so that the wrong food is not put in the wrong container.

  3. I love it that more and more products are coming out color coded and labeled meat/dairy/pareve! You never know who will be in your kitchen (well, not ALL the time) and this certainly helps avoid confucion.

  4. Are these Kosher Keeper containers made with BPA? Just because something is “kosher” doesn’t make it healthy or safe. Most household plastic containers leech chemicals into the food – and do we really need any more toxic crud in our lives? We have enough cancer as it is.

  5. What a great idea! It will especially help the kids remember what is what and cue them to put the dirty ones on the right counter and sink.

  6. Great idea! Will help my family stay organized and let my husband take care of meals without asking me whats meat or dairy every 5 min!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful site! It’s my go-to source when I need a change or some new ideas! It’s a great way to show the world that kosher food can be above and beyond yummy!

  8. perhaps my housekeeper will notice tht difference and won’t make them traife – ive been through sets and sets of other brands…..

  9. I use those types of containers all the time – and I have to mark them if they become milchig or fleishig. It’s a great idea to have them pre-marked. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for your fabulous website.

  10. Wonderful idea! I hope I win some. For once, after all the times I have entered contests in my life, it would be so great to win something. And it would be so nice to have it be from you. I am waiting to hear.

  11. I love this idea! One of the greatest impediments to keeping organized in the the kitchen (besides myself! 🙂 is not marking my plastic containers and then having to remember what’s what and then throwing the whole bunch out! What a waste!

  12. These coordinated meat, dairy, and parve containers are a great way to stay organized in the kosher kitchen. I would love to win them.

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