Papabubble, the most exquisite hard candy!


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The hard candy is rich in color, beautiful to look at, and full of flavor. They make custom shapes, use custom colors, and even add custom names to the candy. The lollipops are extra large and thick and look almost too good to touch (go for it, you can always buy another one!)

Everything at Papabubble is made in house and the only ingredients used in most of their hard candies are sugar, glucose, water, citric acid, flavor, and color. They use only high quality flavors which are custom made to their regimented specifications. All of the lollipops are hand shaped and all of the candies with designs are hand constructed, stretched and cut.

If you are ever in NYC, go watch them and sample a piece. They make candy in the store Tuesday through Sunday at 380 Broome St. NY.NY 10013. Order some today at 212 966 2599 or visit

Some history on Papabubble:

Papabubble is a custom-made and artisanal candy shop that was started in Barcelona by two Australians, Nigel Chouri and Chris King. Nigel learned the craft of candy making from a Danish man in Australia who had learned from another candy maker, who had learned from another, in a long line of candy makers reaching back to the origins of the style of candy that they make in northern Europe.

Note on their Hecksher: They are kosher certified by KC International Kosher Council, Rabbi Schwarcz. Although this hecksher approves establishments that are open on the Sabbath we had the product checked out to ensure the kashrus. According to Rabbi Pinchas Chatzinoff of Cedarhurst, NY, this product’s hecksher is recommended.

55 thoughts on “Papabubble, the most exquisite hard candy!

  1. Looks amazing! I love candy! Does it come individually wrapped? I feel like people wouldn’t want to eat an unwrapped candy in a dish.

  2. These remind me of the old fashioned candies that my grandmother put out with the dry roasted peanuts and ribbon candy! This site keeps finding the special little kosher items we all wished were kosher but never knew were.

  3. these candies look beautiful and delicious. my daughter’s bas mitzvah is coming up and it would be fun to have some kind of a new treat for everyone!

  4. love your website! I look forward to waking up Sun. morning and checking the new recipes and goodies. The candies look yummy and I would love to take my kids to the store and check it out!

  5. This candy looks magnificent and amazng that it’s kosher!!!! Looking forward to winning so I can taste this amazing confectionary!!

  6. These candies look spectacularly delicious. If it was up to me, I don’t think that box would last the week at my house! Would love to try them! 😀

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