Kosherfest 2009

The world’s largest trade show for the kosher food industry showcased their newest and best kosher products at the Meadowlands Expo center in New Jersey this week. Of course, Gourmet Kosher Cooking was there to see and taste it all. Many booths and products were what we expect at a kosher food show – meat, kugel, cheese, pizza bagels – but a few companies stepped out with new and innovative creations that you should look for in the coming weeks at your local stores.

Here are a few things that caught our eye…

Luck Chen Asian Noodles. Just heat and serve in 3 minutes and you
have a delicious noodle dish that is low in sodium and contains no MSG.

Smart Cookie. Tasty and moist cookies made with vegetable purees.
Their sister company Petite Select also impressed us with the first
glatt kosher, organic baby cuisine.

The Organic Batter Blaster. Think pancake batter from a whipped cream
container. Kitschy yes, but so simple, easy, and mess free.

Mimicreme. A new pareve cream alternative that is made from cashews
and almonds. Healthier than other non-dairy creamers and soy free.

Watch our great products section and featured giveaways for more from Kosherfest 2009.

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