Succah Decorations by Debbie Flowers


To enter to win 2 exquisite Succah Decorations from Debbie Flowers:

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For those of you in the New York area, you may already be a fan of Debbie Flowers in Woodmere, NY. If not, let me introduce you! Debbie Flowers creates magnificent floral design with consistent creativity and a flair for exquisite detail. Additionally, they are a pleasure to work with.


Perfect for Succos! Her Succah decorations are unique and exquisite and last for many years (top right). Debbie creates flowering balls (pictured) in any color combination to hang. They also provide full service decorating for the Succah (pictured).
Succah hanging decorations $15 – $25 each
Flowering Balls $125
Full Service Decoration starts at $275
For more information or to order please call Debbie Flowers at 516 295-2645 or visit

20 thoughts on “Succah Decorations by Debbie Flowers

  1. I am trying to learn my Jewish roots, I subscribe to AISH, I am taking a class called Deed and Creed and learning to cook for Jewish holiday. This site is terrific because everything is there and he recipes are easy to follow, plus I am learning which holidays are for which foods. I show love to my husband by cooking, and this is a wonderful way to do it.

  2. Debbie flowers is the best! Debbie and her team is so creative and totaly unique. I have ordered flowers through our boys yeshiva for succos and they were so special each time! I have seen her Flower Balls at local bar mitzvas and they are amazing! Debbie works with every budget, she recentlycreated very special arrangments for my friends bat mitzvah at a very competitve price! Love Love Love! 2 exquisite Succah Decorations from Debbie would be a dream in my succah this year!

  3. I enjoy your newsletter. I will be celebrating Succos in Jerusalem. If I win the decorations, I would give them to my nephew who lost one child in a set of triplets and will be celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of the two surviving girls in the middle of October.

  4. I am really enjoying this site and have made a new dish each week! I’m so glad you are finally doing this. Those sukkah decorations look amazing.

  5. coming from a family of gourmet cooks when I am not is a little intimidating at times. I was really excited when I recently came across your web site and have been enjoying your recipes and ideas (such as the honey dish and this succah decorations) that you so nicely put forth. Thanks!

  6. was recommended to your site by Esther Bushell
    really enjoy it – especially for recipes and links to other great stuff – judaica, etc.

  7. was recommended to your site by Esther B
    really enjoy it – especially for recipes and links to other great stuff – judaica, etc.

  8. I really enjoy getting your emails. I am a food writer and am always looking for new ideas to write about in my column. I really like how you credit all your sources – by leaving websites, and direct links to them.
    Your website looks professional, has easy access, and is very innovative. The menu planner is a great idea, and not having to hunt down the recipes makes it all easy. Its a great website because it is all encompassing– you share the recipes and then you can turn to the table top ideas for presentation, and then to find wine accompaniments. I must tell that yours is the one I look to most for inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  9. This site is a KOSHER Martha Stewart one. I am able to bake without substituting non-kosher ingredients! Delicious! Free recipes! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  10. I look forward to my emails from gourmet kosher cooking. I spent this past summer at a relative’s home – (without my regular cookbooks) – I realized that it’s only recently that “gourmet” and “kosher” would be used together! I love cooking gourmet – and presentation is also very important to me! (I own chef’s confidential and I love the fact that each recipe comes with a section – “to plate”.
    Hatzlacha on this endeavor!

  11. I’m new to your site and LOVE it!! I made the Jewish Apple Cake for Rosh Hoshana and it was a huge hit. I gave the recipe and the web site to 6 or 7 woman at my temple. I build a Succah every year and would love to add some new decorations.

  12. i served the “apple-honey challah” this past Rosh Hashanah and it was a big hit!! i also already received 7 recipe requests just from mentioning your site and this recipe in my facebook status! I also thank you so much for listing menu ideas, it takes a lot of pressure off coming up with different ideas for each day!!!

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