Fantastic Honey

I love to shop in gourmet food stores. I am always searching for new marinades, sauces, and dips that have kosher certification. This week I struck gold when I found this Creamed Honey from Don Suasser Apiaries now owned by The Hampton Honey Company. I have seen flavored honeys but never a naturally creamy honey that has nothing added to it. The honey is made from Long Island local bees and is whipped while it is setting. The result is a creamy crystallized yellowish white honey that is delicious and sweet and a perfect smooth spread for a Rosh Hashanah Table. Certified Kosher by the OU and purchased at gourmet stores like Citarella and Dean and Deluca in NYC>

Additionally, this honey is bottled and stored LOCALLY we’ve mastered the art of reducing the amount of energy required to bring honey from the hive to your table.

Totally unprocessed, this honey is allowed to naturally crystallize to create a smooth consistency, topped with healthy pollen, propolis, honeycomb and live enzymes. Great on toast, Croissants, English muffins and of course Challah and apples.

Order Creamed Honey or their other honey flavors and products at

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