4 thoughts on “Jewish Apple Cake

  1. This cake looked absolutely gorgeous in the pan when it came out of the oven, and then disaster struck. It was well cooled before the attempt to remove it. As I lifted the pan from the inverted cake, half of it slid off to the side, leaving the other half intact. There was no way of salvaging it. Every time I tried to lift the crumbled side back into position, it slid back down. The good news was I was able to cut away the the good half and serve it to my guests — it tasted delicious!. The other half ended up on a plate and my family enjoyed eating the remnants despite it’s appearance. Not sure I know what went wrong, or what I could do differently to prevent another mishap. Not sure I want to attempt this one again without knowing the hidden secret.

  2. Shawna,

    I tried this recipe with your mishap in mind and it didn’t slide off. This is what I did that I think might help:

    You know how the recipe says not to let any of the apples touch the side of the cake? Well, I thought that maybe the apple’s in the middle of the cake might cause it to slide, so what I did is poured the 1/3 batter and arranged the apples leaving about a 1 1/2 space all around.
    Then, before pouring the other 1/2 of the batter over the apples, I first poured the batter around the 1 1/2 gap on the sides, then poured the batter over the apples and repeated this process.

    What happened is that when the cake was ready, there was a thick layer of dough all around the cake that held it all together. When I cut the slices and served, it remained in tacted because of that thick “crust” around the cake which my boys loved cuz they asked how I was able to make it with apple filling 🙂

    I hope this helped. Your comment helped me!

    Thanks for this website, it’s great and has helped me a lot!!


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