Work with GKC

I love working with my readers and sharing everything and anything about food! I started GKC 8 years ago and have built a large and loyal following of readers who thirst for new recipes, menu ideas, tips and techniques and of course new products too. Here are just a few ways we can work together.

Cooking Demos

I love to teach and share my techniques to make delicious dishes that are easy enough for everyday and special enough for any holiday. I create themes and recipes for the event based on what your audience is interested in learning. Email me for pricing and availability. And check out these pics from other great events.

Personal Chef

I’ll cook for you. I work on everything from birthday dinners, Bar and Bat mitzvah meals, weekday dinners, parties, BBQ’s, Thanksgiving dinners and lots of holiday meals. Email me for pricing and availability.

Menu Creation, Weekday Meal Planning, Assistance with Caterers

I’ll help you create holiday menus, weeknight dinner organization, wedding or event menus or assist you with your catered event.

Advertising, Sponsored Posts, Guest Blogs

I work with brands to create recipes, posts, features, or ads on the Gourmet Kosher Cooking.

Product Giveaways

If you have a new product or cookbook that you think my audience would also enjoy, email me and I’d love to try it and provide a review or giveaway online. My readers eagerly pursue purchasing the products that I endorse.