FRESH Herbs, How to Keep Them That Way

After you’ve gone through the trouble of washing and checking a batch of fresh herbs, or paying the extra expense for the checked herbs, proper storage is a must. I store my greens between layers of dry and damp paper towels, which will keep them fresh longer.

– Arrange a layer of dry paper towels in the bottom of a lidded container. This prevents moisture from pooling and causing spoilage.

– Trim, wash, check, and THOROUGHLY dry herbs. Pick through them to remove any discolored or wilted leaves (they leach onto the fresh ones).
– Place them in the container, making sure to give them a little breathing room (btw, this is my issue with the prepared, checked fresh herbs…they are smashed into an airtight container with no room to breathe, and thus become spoiled quickly)
– Wet a sheet of paper towel and wring it out completely, then drape it over the herbs. Close the lid to seal and refrigerate.

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