Gearing Up for Baking Season

Toward the end of summer, I clean out the freezer and start anew with baking. I like to stock up on a few cookies, morning cakes, challahs, and anything I can use over Yom Tov. I also like to take stock in my kitchen equipment and replenish or add a few new items.

Here are a few things that I’m adding to my baking equipment collection.
Double-ball whisk: Awesome for whipping cream or egg whites in half the time of a regular whisk. I use it or emulsifying vinaigrettes. Get one for Passover too. for $8.99

These mini scoops are perfect for cookie dough and cupcake making. Of yeah, and of course, for ice cream too. And meatballs, matzo balls, and cobblers. Sizes available, 1 tablespoon to 3 tablespoons, $18 – $22
Made by Kuhn Rikon, at

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