A Quick Way to Peel a Ton of Garlic



I sometimes buy peeled garlic to save myself the peeling step, but many cities this is not available. I recently participated in a culinary tip seminar and I’m excited to share this tip I learned. To peel many cloves at once, put the cloves in a big metal bowl, and cover them with another metal bowl, bottom side up. Then while holding the bowls tightly together, shake like crazy, and really use your best strength. Not only does this relieve a little stress but it takes most of the skins right off.

Store Peeled Garlic: Store garlic in a jar with a lid in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Garlic Oil: Mince about 10 cloves and place in a jar. Then pour 3/4 cup olive oil over the garlic and set aside for a few days. Use in cooking and salad dressings for awesome garlic infused oil.

Use garlic in any of these recipes.

5 thoughts on “A Quick Way to Peel a Ton of Garlic

  1. Because garlic grows in the ground , if it is kept in an anerobic environment it may promote the growth of Clostidrium bacteria. It should be kept in the refrigerator. From Robin Mannasse B.Sc. community nutrition, line technologist in a food processing plant.

  2. But is keeping peeled garlic allowed? Is it kosher?
    Is it like keeping a peeled onion or egg overnight?

    • Always check with your local rabbi but the stores sell peeled and unpeeled garlic.