Macaron Baking Sheet

My daughter and her friend Elana have become French Macaron Bakers. They attended at class at CKCA and now create their own fabulous and creative combinations, like lime macarooms with homemade lemon curd filling, vanilla bean with chocolate ganache, Cinnabun flavor, and many more. With her amazon gift card for Hanukah, she just bought this macaron baking mat which has improved the look of the cookies tremendously. The mat helps to make each cookie exactly the same size by giving a template for the batter to fill. If you also want to make those adorable and delicious macarons, try this mat and make your cookies look like they came from a French bakery.


Available at Amazon for $7.00


2 thoughts on “Macaron Baking Sheet

    • Yes, thank you! Spelling has been edited, as these are for macarons not macaroons (plenty of time before we are making these on Pesach!)

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