5 Great Apps For Diet and Fitness


Want to get the best and quickest diet, fitness and health info? Check out these healthy lifestyle apps to keep you on your 2015 health plan.

fooducateApp: Fooducate by Fooducate, Ltd. For iOS and Android
Cost: iOS free, Andoid $4.99
Fooducate has been around for a few years and allows you to view the quality of the calories you eat by giving foods a letter grade (A, B, C, D). Fooducate has recently added a tracking feature, where you can track daily calorie intake through food and beverages, as well as expenditure through exercise.

calcutterApp: Cal Cutter by NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for iOS, Android, and Web
Cost: Free
This simple app can help make the home cook aware of the calories in the dishes they serve. It allows you to enter your recipe and intended number of servings and then gives you the calories for that dish. The app also provides tips for reducing calories, lower calorie or healthier ingredient substitutions, healthier cooking methods and reasonable portion sizes.

11nutritionApp: Rise by Rise Labs, Inc.
Cost: free trial then $15 a week
Sometimes, getting healthy goals off the ground requires a kick. This is personalized nutrition counseling and diet planning for $15 a week. Rise gives you access to a virtual coach. This expert will encourage you to forge ahead while customizing your eating plans and taking a gander at your Instagram-ready food photos to determine if that Shabbos kugel is worth the splurge.

kidsweightlossApp: Kurbo by Kurbo Health, Inc.
Cost: varies
Childhood obesity is at an alarming high especially for teens. The solution is a transformation of lifestyle habits, embracing healthier eating patterns and a regular exercise regimen. Kurbo does exactly that. Based on Stanford University’s acclaimed Pediatric Weight Control Program at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, it combines sound personal coaching advice with food and activity tracking through a youth-loving medium.

waterloggedApp: Waterlogged, by Day Logger Inc.
Cost: free
For Ios, Android, and web
Track your daily intake of water, get reminders about hydration, and alarms to keep you drinking. Works with fitbit too and incorporates photo technology. Just snap a picture of your drink and it tracks that amount.

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