Giveaway: Gluten-Free Around the World Cookbook

Just in time for Chanukah…
Gluten-Free Around the World

Need a gift for someone who follows a gluten-free diet, or someone who enjoys travel and inspirational food? Gluten-Free Around the World is the perfect option. GKC has one to give away, but make sure you read all about it in the blog and catch the sneak-peak recipes too.

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47 thoughts on “Giveaway: Gluten-Free Around the World Cookbook

  1. I have a gluten-free daughter living in Israel. I can’t decide if I’d send it to her as a gift, or keep it for myself and impress her with GF around the world recipes!

  2. I have gluten free friends and would love to win this book.

    I love your website as it is really kosher gourmet, I use a lot of recipes from the site for Shabbat and Chagim entertaining and have received lots and lots of compliments…..thank you amd keep up the great work.

  3. My very picky husband and even more picky need to be on gluten free diets. I would love to win this cookbook to learn some more recipes to cook for them that they would eat!

  4. Love GKC as a great resource and this book would be a wonderful addition to my recipes. Have many gluten-free friends and would love to make some exciting dishes for them!

  5. I entertain gluten free guests frequently. I would love to win this cookbook for new ideas. It might even have something great for Pesach.

  6. I recently found out that I am allergic to wheat. Wonderful, huh? I could sure use this cookbook. And some of the recipes I’ve found on this site have also been helpful.

  7. I love your website! Thanks for the great recipes to make for any occasion! My daughter and granddaughter are gluten free. This is a cookbook that they would really appreciate as a Chanukah gift. Imagine, a gluten free cookbook with ALL KOSHER RECIPES! WOW! I would love to win this cookbook.

  8. With a daughter and a granddaughter, as well as myself, being fructose and lactose intolerant, a cookbook that has gluten free recipes would be fantastic. I am always looking for new ideas and easy to follow recipes.

  9. It is great to have a cookbook that won’t be full of meat & milk recipes. This is often the case with many GF books. Nice addition to the cookbook shelf with the “No Potato Passover.” Is the Kosher Paleo cookbook next?

  10. I actually just started a gluten free diet and I’m having a very hard time with it. This would be a great book to have now!!! Thanks for all the great recipes you post!

  11. I am fairly new to the GF diet, myself, after cooking and baking GF for my father over the last 6+ years. I have tried to make up my own recipes, some that work and others that are far from it! GF recipes always spark my interest, as I am always on the lookout for new recipes to try for myself and for my father. Kol HaKavod!

  12. This would be a wonderful book for my son who is actually allergic to wheat and therefore is on a gluten free diet. He is 23, on his own, and loves to cook! This would be a great Chanukah gift for him.

  13. Just recently became Gluten free and what a difference in how I feel! Would love to have a cookbook to make cooking even more inspiring.

  14. Would love to make dishes that the whole family can eat. I’m allergic to a lot of dishes so I just don’t bother with anything different when it comes to me. It would be wonderful to finally make dishes I can enjoy with my family and have a healthy variety of menus for all of us.

  15. Sounds like a wonderful cookbook with great recipes for those of us with a wheat problem. We can get in a rut when cooking with limited knowledge this cook book looks like it could open up a new world of healthy cooking for me your blog has been a joy to read thankyou

  16. Would love to win this cookbook. I have a gluten free daughter who is just getting into cooking. It would be great to pick out recipes and experiment with her! Nothing like mother daughter time shared over the stove!

  17. I’d love to win. I have many friends who can only eat gluten free. There may also be some great Passover recipes inside.

  18. Gluten free and kosher…
    hands down it will be an asset to every kitchen with special needs eaters!

    Look forward to winning it!

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