Wine for a Hot or Cold Sukkos

Choice Wines You Can Enjoy No Matter What the Weather
Jay Buchsbaum

The weather around Sukkos can be very unpredictable, but I have you covered no matter what the weather brings. This year Sukkos comes late, mid-October and depending on which way the winds blow, you could be bundled in layers of sweaters or schvitzing in 80 plus degrees and 80 plus humidity. Deciding what wine to have is usually a function of what food you’re having, but weather, especially when food is eaten outdoors, can play just as important a role.

If the sun is shining and the temps are on the rise, no matter the dish you want something that will keep you cool and certainly not something that will add a degree (pun intended) of uncomfortable heat. On the other hand, if autumn chills are in the air, a rich inviting wine is perfect for warming up with.

Now let’s talk about the temperature we typically serve our wines at. Believe me, there are in fact warm weather reds, that while appropriate for a deep rich roast can be drunk slightly cool and whites on the flip side that are so rich and flavorful they can be served at just below room temperature and need not be ‘iced’ to enjoy. We often drink our reds too warm. Generally when one says a wine should be served at room temperature they mean ‘European’ room temperature or low to mid 60’s at most. While whites frankly are often drunk far too cool and should be drunk at low 40’s to 50 degrees.

Here are five wines for hot weather and the temperature they should be served at and five for cooler temperatures. Most importantly surround yourself with good friend’s family and company and your temperature will always be just right.

Cool weather wines

• Herzog Napa Cabernet; rich big fruit in the mouth flavorful dishes; serve at 67-70 degrees
• Flam Reserve Syrah; It’s rich with spice & cedar, perfect for roasts; serve at 67-70 degrees
• Porto Cordovera; Sweet, luscious. Great way to warm body and soul w desert 70+ degrees
• Shiloh Chardonnay; full bodied and complex w great aroma. Can be served high 50’s
• Capcanes Petita; less expensive than its big brother Ha’Abib but rich, serve at 67-69 degrees

Warm weather wines
• Tzuba Pinot Noir; From an Estate Winery. Elegant, lighter but complex, serve in the low 60’s
• Pacifica Pinot Noir – A typical Pacific Northwestern Pinot Noir, fruity and robust; serve in the low 60’s
• Flam Blanc; A delicious white blend that dances on your tongue; serve cold between 47-49 degrees
• Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc; Crisp and loaded with flavor & aromas of sweet lemons; serve about 47 degrees
• Herzog Reserve Late Harvest Chenin Blanc; Aromatic, sweet and perfect with dessert; Serve ice cold mid to low 40’s, with fruit ice cream or on its own.

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