Great Summer Wine Pairings for Your Next Barbeque


As I have mentioned, I’ve been teaching a lot of BBQ classes this summer and have not only enjoyed the people and terrific foods but also the great wines that can accompany great BBQ. I wanted to share what GKC friend Jay Buchsbaum, from Royal Wine Corp. suggested for some of my classes. In addition to the exact pairings and recipes below, I’ve indicated what type of flavors the menu item and wines include so that you can apply the pairings to your meals too. Don’t forget to check out the general wine pairing tips that so many people use as a handy guide for their wine pairing and buying.

Grilled Tandoori chicken with Tzadziki: Lighter grilled chicken, fragrant with lemon, turmeric, mint, and cucumbers

Try the Herzog Russian river chardonnay: Filled with hints of apple, fruits, and toasty oak. Also great with salmon

Grilled Lamb Burgers: Sliders filled with cumin, cinnamon, onion, and coriander.

Jay suggested, Old Vine Zinfandel Baron Herzog Red Zinfandel: Full bodied wine, lots of blackberry, oak, vanilla and spices. Great with lamb, duck and hearty pasta dishes.

Grilled steaks with red wine reduction: Classic steaks with rich wine wine glaze, star anise and a little honey.

Barkan Winemaker’s Choice Cabernet: Medium bodied wine, fruit and earthy flavors, perfect now with BBQ flavors, steaks and chicken.

Grilled Vegetables and Grilled Salads: Crispy greens, crunchy veggies, red peppers, onions, zucchini, bbq flavors.

Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc: Serve chilled, great with salads, lots of fruit flavors, pine, and very crisp taste. Great with complex foods that feature spices and crispy greens.

Coffee Cumin Dry Rubbed Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce: Coffee, chili powder, jalapeno, parsley, lots of robust flavors.

Tulip mostly Cabarnet Franc: Invigorating and robust wine, with tons of aroma that pairs with aromatic foods and spices.

Roasted Garlic Lemon Grilled Chicken: Roasted garlic, lemon, olive oil and chicken.

Shilo Chardonnay : Full bodied Chardonnay, made from specially grown grapes picked before dawn, very crisp, with an elegant texture, making it perfect with chicken, lighter meats, and fish.

As a reminder, all BBQ goes with Sangria, try my recipe for White Sangria too. And Walder’s Vanilla Vodka, mixes well with pineapple or mango juice for a creamy and refreshing BBQ mixer.

Thanks Jay!

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