How to Order a Great Bottle of Wine Every Time

Ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant and not sure what to choose? We spoke to our friends at Royal Wine Corp., creator and owners of Herzog Cellars  and distributors for so many amazing wine labels, about this problem and got some expert advise and fast tricks for getting a great bottle every time.

– First, remember the basics, when in doubt, order a red wine with meat and white wine with fish.
– Ask the maitre de what they recommend. In fine restaurants the waiters should also be knowledgeable and worth asking.
– When you are asked what type of wine you like, don’t use words like “dry” or “sweet”, because too many wines fall in these categories, i.e. most red wine is dry. Use regions, like Napa Valley, or Spanish wines, or adjectives that are more specific, bold, or fruity, light, or tannic.
– Look at the menu online before arriving. Upscale restaurants will include their wine lists online. Check the reviews and tasting notes before you go.
– Take a photo of wines you like. Share them with the waiter to find a similar bottle to what you already know and love.
Lastly, ask this question, “DO YOU HAVE ANYTING OPEN THAT’S NOT ON YOUR BY THE GLASS LIST?” Sometimes, restaurants open better bottles for special customers and you can be lucky enough to enjoy some of that bottle. Or the restaurant is tasting or testing some new wines and happen to be able to offer it if you ask. I’ve had good luck with this and have tasted some incredible wines with this trick.

And most importantly, order wine with dinner. Make the evening a special night, an experience and wine makes every meal decadent, memorable and more enjoyable…just my two cents ☺

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