Grill Pan

Perfect for indoor grilling all year long, a grill pan is a GKC essential cooking tool. I use it for grilled everything from chicken, to steak, to fish. The contoured texture even gives great grill marks and makes you feel like its warm outside, well kinda.
Here are my choices,
1. Great value, this price makes it a no-brainer. Cast iron and free shipping. Go for it. Click here.
2. This is the one that I own and have been using for over 10 years. Heats well, cooks evenly, and is well made. I recommend it for a good price, high quality item that is still not too expensive for a kitchen essential.
3. This is a splurge item. I admit, I want one too. Anything made by Le Crueset is worth the price in quality and great taste. Looks good, is made with the highest quality materials and will last a lifetime. Buy one and send me a pic of it so that I can drool 🙂

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