Giveaway: Cooking Inspired Cookbook


Estee Kafra from has a new book, just out and in high demand! Cooking Inspired is filled with hundreds of inspired recipes that are easy to make and even better to taste.  The photography (did you know she does this too?!) is bright and colorful and rouses you to take a bite right off the pages! Read our chat with Estee Kafra and get the sneak peak recipes here.

Get one today at for $27.99 or submit to win one on GKC!

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65 thoughts on “Giveaway: Cooking Inspired Cookbook

  1. It is so inspiring to see so many dedicated kosher scoops. Thanks GKC for making us feel part of a larger community by letting us share comments, recipes, and affording us the opportunity to win great cookbooks. Way to go everyone.

    There is always room on my shelf and in my heart for kosher cookbooks.

  2. No matter how much experience someone has or doesn’t have, a new cookbook, especially a kosher one, is always welcome! I’d love to win this one! Thanks!

  3. easy recipes,great tasting,with pictures too,what can be better.I’d love to win this cookbook & share the results with friends & family.

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