Latke Essentials


It’s latke time and that means getting a few essential pieces of equipment to make sure your latkes come out perfect every time. I tend to buy the inexpensive pieces without much thought and wait for a special sale or a holiday to splurge on items like hi-quality pots and pans. Remember though, these items are well worth the price because they last years, really a lot of years, and they really improve your cooking because they do not burn on the bottom, they conduct heat very well, and cook food more evenly by staying hot. I personally own all of these essential latke cooking equipment and with the addition of these great latke recipes, I make awesome latkes every Hanukah.

1. Nonpro Grip EZ Splatter Strainer
I love a splatter guard because it keeps my kitchen from getting too greasy while I fry up latkes or any other fried food, like doughnuts. I use it when I brown chicken too so it gets plenty of year round use.

2. OXO Silicone Flexible Pancake Turner
This is technically a pancake turner. I use it to flip latkes though because its wide enough for big latkes and the holes drain some of the oil that may otherwise flip with your latke. I like latkes crispy not greasy and this does the trick.

3. Taylor Candy Stainless Steel Thermometer
I use this thermometer to make sure the oil stays hot but not too hot while frying (about 350 degrees is perfect). It’s great because it’s a candy thermometer too so all the Purim peanut brittle and caramel sauces come out perfect with this too.

4. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet
Splurge on this!!! Great for latkes, omelettes, sautéing, pasta dishes or browning chicken. It’s worth every penny.

5. OXO Grips 3-piece Angled Measuring Cups
I use these everyday. For everything so I recommend them for measuring everything for every recipe. No more bending over to check the amount of liquid ingredients in the cup, you can check from above, extra markings for precision measurements, and it comes in a set of three. It’s a kitchen essential.

6. Cuisineart DFP 14BCN Processor (Brushed Stainless Steel)
Love my Cuisinart! I have a few and think you need one too.

7. If it’s too much, go with a good grater, like the Edgeware set. It has multiple settings for all sorts of uses. Plus the colors are terrific and make kashrut easier.

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