Doughnut Time

It’s doughnut time! And that can mean many things to all different people. For me, I make the whole variety all week, from Oreo Stuffed Doughnuts, Doughnut Ice cream sandwiches (these are semi-homemade so go for it, they are so easy), Zepolles, Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Holes, to my favorites, Baked Doughnuts. Whatever you are making, you need a few essential pieces of equipment.

Baked doughnuts are awesome and taste cake-like. If you serve them warm, no one will even miss the frying. But in order to get that perfect doughnut shape, you need the pan. I have the mini version and use it all year round. For bigger doughnuts, get the regular size.

The DeLonghi fryer is a great item if you have room in your kitchen. I use it for French fries, doughnuts, fried chicken and schnitzel. It has great safety features built in to prevent accidental burning and it creates lighter fried foods. It’s a good splurge piece if you like the real deal doughnut too.

Lastly, a powdered sugar duster is a must have item! I use it for everything from cakes to French toast, but it is the perfect way to dust those doughnuts with powdered sugar. It creates precise and light powdered sugar dust over anything.

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