Grilling Time Chart: Your Time and Temperature Grilling Guide for Meat, Chicken and Vegetables

Grilling is not just for dads anymore. In fact, in our family, I’m the grill girl.  I love it though. I love how fast it is and the numerous flavor combinations that get enhanced from great grilling techniques.  I’ve been working with my new Weber Summit grill (it’s awesome) this summer (we shot some great videos that are coming soon) and have come up with my official “Grill Time and Temperature” charts to help you be a better griller. Print this chart and pull it out every time you fire up your grill. You’ll be able to cook everything exactly right, never too dry or undercooked.  Got a grilling question? Or want me to add something? Let me know, email me here, and I’ll send it out and add it to the chart. Happy grilling.

Grilling Beef
Steaks:  Grill steaks for the time given in the chart or till desired doneness, turning once halfway through grilling time.
Cooking Method: Multi-Level – sear over high heat then finish over medium heat.
For searing, allow 2 minutes for 1-inch-thick steaks and 4 minutes for 1½ – 2-inch-thick steaks. Turn steaks and move to a cooler medium heat to finish grilling, turning once halfway through remaining grilling time. The cooking times in the chart include searing.



Rare (130- 140°)

Medium (140- 155°)

Well (170°)

Flank steak, London broil, minute steak 1-1½ lbs. 10-15 min. 15-19 min.  
Thin strip steaks:

Skirt steak, mush steak,

1 in. 8-10 min. 10-12 min. 12-14 min.
Bone In steaks ¾ in. 5-7 min. 7-9 min. 9-11 min.
Other Steaks:


1 in.

1½ in.

2 in.

6-7 min.

10-12 min

15-17 min.

7-9 min.

12-15 min

17-19 min.

9-11 min

15-19 min.

19-22 min.

Roasts:  Place meat, fat side up, in center of cooking grate. Grill indirect for time given in chart. Use a meat thermometer to check meat for desired internal temperature.

Cooking Method: Indirect



Rare (125° F)

Medium (140°)

Well (170°)

Brisket, fresh 5-6 lbs     2½-3 hrs
French roast, boneless

Square roast

Delmonico roast

4-6 lbs 1½-2 hrs 2-2½ hrs 2½-3 hrs

Grilling Poultry
Boneless breast, turkey patties and turkey steaks:  Grill over medium heat for the time given in chart, turning once halfway through grilling time.

Cooking Method: Direct

Type Of Poultry


Medium (170 )


Chicken breasts, skinned and boned 4-5 oz. ea. (pounded to even thickness)   10-12 min.
Turkey patties (ground raw turkey) ¾ in. thick   10-12 min.
Turkey steaks 4-6 oz. ea. (pounded to even thickness)   10-12 min.

Poultry pieces (with or without skin):  Grill over medium heat for the time given in the chart. During the last 10 minutes of grilling time, brush with sauce, if desired.  I recommend marinating it for 2 hours and up to overnight in a sauce (without a lot of sugar – this tends to burn on the grill) to give the poultry some flavor.

Whole birds:  Place whole chicken or turkey, breast side up, in center of the cooking grate. Grill for the time given in the chart or until registers 180°. When checking for doneness with a meat thermometer, insert in the center of the inside thigh muscle, making sure the probe does not touch the bone.

Cooking Method: Direct for pieces.  Indirect for whole birds.

Type Of Poultry


Medium (170°)

Well (180°)

Broiler-fryer chicken, halves 1½-2 lbs.   1-1¼ hrs.
Broiler-fryer chicken, whole 3-4 lbs.

4-5 lbs.

5-6 lbs.

  1¼-1¾ hrs.

1¾-2 hrs.

2-2½ hrs.

Chicken breast halves, thighs, and drumsticks From 3-4 pound bird.  Adjust slightly for larger bird.   35-45 min.
Cornish game hens, halves ½-¾ lb. ea.   40-50 min.
Cornish game hens, whole 1-1½ lbs. ea.   45-60 min.
Turkey, boneless, whole 2½-3½ lbs.   1¾-2¼ hrs.
Turkey, *unstuffed, whole 6-8 lbs.

10-12 lbs.

14-18 lbs.

  1¼-2 hrs.

2-3 hrs.

3-4 hrs.

Turkey breasts, half 3-4 lbs. 1½-2 hrs.  
Turkey breasts, whole 4-6 lbs.

6-8 lbs.

1½-2¼ hrs.

2-3½ hrs


*Be sure to fully defrost turkey before grilling. When defrosting turkey in the refrigerator, allow 24 hours for every 5 lbs.

Cooking Method: Direct over medium heat
The trick with vegetables is getting them to cook through at the same time – not always an easy task since we frequently like to eat a variety of different veggies together but their grilling times vary widely.  Following these guidelines should help.  After a time or two you’ll be able to judge how to apply them to your particular grill and preferred degree of doneness.

Make sure you marinade the veggies or brush them first with oil to prevent sticking.  You may thread them on skewers, use a grilling basket or place them directly on the grill.  Cook them in a closed grill and turn once, halfway through the cooking time.


Grilling Time

Scallions ends trimmed 5 minutes
Tomatoes ½” slices 5 minutes
Summer Squash ¼” slices 10 minutes
Zucchini ¼” slices 10 minutes
Eggplant ¼” slices 10 minutes
Asparagus thick end trimmed 10 – 15 minutes
White Mushrooms whole 10 minutes
Bell Peppers 1″ wide strips or rings 10 minutes
Onions ½” slices 15 minutes
Potatoes ¼” slices 15 minutes


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  1. Thank you so much for the cooking chart! I couldn’t find any on the website of my grill manufacturer, so I was so grateful to see you had this on yours! You are my hero today!
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  2. This is very helpful but by chance do you have a grilling time chart for PORK also? Please email it to me if you do? Thanks.

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