Nine Days Recipe Ideas

I actually enjoy testing and tasting recipes that work well during the nine days. I like to keep the meals light and flavorful and leave extra room for homemade or store bought ice cream. Here are a few recipes to add to your repertoire. And don’t forget to check out other great nine days recipes on GKC.

Pan Roasted Maple Halibut with Herbed Pistou
Mushroom and Spinach Frittata
Crispy Kani Salad with Cucumber and Spicy Mayo by Esther Deutsch
Salmon with Yogurt Zaatar Sauce

6 thoughts on “Nine Days Recipe Ideas

  1. hi,to make life easier ,i made a complete 3meal menu for all the 9 days, but i’m always on the lookout for something new.
    upon reading your fish reipes i was surprised how many dairy
    products were included. not many kosher food eaters mix dairy and fish. esther adler

    • There is no prohibition to mix fish and dairy just meat and dairy, or meat and fish. It is kosher to mix fish and dairy.

      • There actually is a minhag (custom) by sefardim and chassidim not to mix fish and dairy together.

      • While it is not a prohibition to mix dairy and fish, some have the custom not to eat hot fish with dairy. Bagels lox and cream cheese is fine as everything is cold. But melting cheese on top of fish or with fish is not done.

      • Thanks for your feedback, many people mix dairy with fish, it depends on their own customs.

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