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Crazy pic, right? Yes, that was taken this week while shooting video through all sorts of weather, strong sun, wind, and then rain. The results will still be amazing, thanks to the extraordinary efforts and lots of interesting photographer weather gear from the fabulous crew that shoots RECIPEBOXTV with me. They are not only a great film crew but also good tasters !

The making of cooking videos requires lots of special people. First, my glam girl, Judy from Cheveaux (516-374-2121), she makes me look good even after I’ve cooked 9 items, and sometimes the same thing under hot lights, three different times for three different cuts. And yes, it is more fun to cook with long lashes. Thanks Judy!

Next, much thanks goes to some of our sponsors.  This week we shot 8 grilling episodes with Weber.  I used their powerful and super functional Summit Grill and we made some fabulous food, starting with Grilled French Bread Brushetta, Roasted Garlic Marinated Grilled Chicken, Grilled Vegetable Salad, Coffee Rubbed Steak, and there was more, we used the side burner to make Sesame Noodles, and Homemade Lemonade (then an adult version).  Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, Le Crueset, and Thermapen were involved this week too, and we included some of my favorite products in the shoot like the immersion blender, the digital thermometer by Thermapen, and fantastic cookware by Le Crueset.

I must mention that although we use a crew of people, and this week we had the addition of my fantastic intern Sabina Barbanel and one of my daughters and her friend, this is a seriously intense endeavor.  We spend 8 hours shooting 4 episodes that are about 4 minutes each.  Sound crazy? It’s not, that’s what it takes to create great content, the best photography, live action, and dynamo results.  Having said all of that, it’s really fun and scary to be in front of the camera.  You can sound and feel so natural and then the camera rolls and the words, they just don’t come to you anymore, or the first part of what you wanted to say comes out and your mind is blank for the rest.  Once gain, I’m grateful we have a good production crew (and an amazing editor, thanks Lindsey!) that is patient with me and reminds me that I might want to talk about what we are making J

Stay tuned for more great videos coming on, (coming soon), and tons of sites that are syndicating the video content like aol, yahoo, and Meredith publishing.

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  1. You are awesome & your videos are beyond! When you tell me a recipe is good, I believe you & it always is. Now, watching you on camera, in the process, gives me total confidence to explore new tastes and especially new products!! Thank you for these incredible videos.

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