Carmel Kayoumi Riesling

Carmel-Kayoumi copy

Admittedly, I’m partial to red wine.  I just love the smooth richness of a good Cabernet.  But this summer my friend Gary at Royal Wines has opened my eyes and my palate to great white wines that are perfect for this hot summer.

Specifically, my new fav is the Carmel Kayoumi Riesling.  Seriously, this wine pairs with anything. A tad bit “tropical to the nose”, says the experts, which means it smells fresh and flavorful, but tastes a bit dry.  This combination marks a brilliant wine with grilled chicken cutlets, cedar planked salmon, pasta, or grilled steak.  This is what we enjoyed last night, a rosemary grilled steak with Carmel Kayoumi Riesling.  Simply divine.

It’s a bit hard to find, so grab it when you see it!

Available at for $24.99

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