The New GKC

Did you see our new look? In an effort to make GKC more fun, easier to use, and full of content that you read, enjoy, and use, I have updated the look of GKC. What do you think?
So here is what is new and different. Each week I will feature one new recipe in the recipe of the week section (sometimes more in the blog too) but one recipe that is carefully tested and photographed. I’m trying to appeal to all palates so hang in there when its not to your taste but comment and send out (yup via email, facebook, twitter, instagram) the ones that you like (GKC is only as strong as my audience so help us to continue to grow!). Also weekly, I will share a blog post, a food thought, an insightful tip or yes, finally a cooking video (did you see me on . I have cleaned up and streamlined the index so you can find the recipes you want faster. We still have our terrific Wine section, Great Products, Cooking With Kids, and Giveaways but they will alternate week to week. I love hearing from you and creating recipes that you are excited to try so keep up the great comments, questions, and share some of your recipes too! Your recipe box is still saved, you just have to login to access it (no worries, we can reset anyone who forgot their info). While we enhance the site, please be patient with the technical difficulties but let me know if something is not working right.

Thank you for your terrific enthusiasm and support for GKC. Your great energy is what keeps it going! Happy cooking!

3 thoughts on “The New GKC

  1. I just watched three of your videos; they are fantastic! Is there a way to search for your videos–I didn’t have any luck with that. Probably like everyone else, I’m looking for recipes right now to help me lose the 5 pounds I gained over Pesach. I’m also looking for (sneaky) ways to integrate more healthy cooking into my repetoire. My family is not always receptive.

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