Giveaways: Thermapen

It’s here, grilling time! It’s finally spring and that means grilling season is open! And for GKC that means my fav grilling tool is a must-have for everyone!  Last year I wrote about it, THERMAPEN, the hot grilling tool for me and every celeb chef.  Thermapen is faster and more accurate than any other cooking thermometer on the market, it’s splash-proof, and not just for grilling.  Thermapen is great year round for all cooking.  I use it for checking roasts, making candy, and for grilling and I am convinced it makes me a better cook!

Get a Thermapen for yourself or give another as a gift, it makes a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift.  I love the color choices.  Or submit to win.  Wow! GKC is thrilled to have one to giveaway!

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51 thoughts on “Giveaways: Thermapen

  1. Thank you so much for your amazing website- you were my go-to for everything for pesach and I barely ever touch a cookbook due to your website! I’m interested in the thermapen because I’m
    Always so nervous about undercooking that food often gets overcooked.
    Looks great!
    Thanks again

  2. Thank you for all the great cooking ideas. It has made my at-home time so much easier to be able to have fresh ideas for shabbat and everyday.

  3. Grilling season, yes, is FINALLY around the corner!! Which means warm weather is comin’ ’round the bend! Looking forward! 😉
    Thank you for your great website!

  4. This looks like a great tool. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your videos.

  5. Have always wanted one of these “pens” but thought they were a little pricey. Free is definitely in my price range! I love your site. Great ideas and recipes. Have recommended you to MANY friends. Keep up the good work.

  6. I have dreamed of getting a Thermapen for ages. I’d really like one less for grilling but for testing the doneness of my homemade breads. I’m told it works like a gem to ensure perfect bread every time.

  7. These pens are great. Would love to have one of my own. Thanks for having these giveaways!

  8. I heard the thermapen is a great tool. Looking forward to seeing more interesting things on your website.

  9. What a great tool! And the colors are just yummy! I promise to give it a good home.

  10. I am so thankful that I subscribed to your newsletter. I love the recipes, articles, and user friendly website! Way to go GKC! I too love to check my food for doneness, and have used a regular meat thermometer for years. Would love to upgrade to a Thermapen! Super exciting! Thanks GKC for your giveaways!

  11. I enjoy your recipes very much!
    A Thermapen has been on my wish list for awhile now.

  12. I’ve been wanting one of these for such a long time!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I am already subscribed and would love to win the Thermapen. I am fairly new to grilling – I live in a large coop building in Manhattan where gas or charcoal grilling is against the law but I purchased an awesome electric grill for my balcony which cooks just like a gas grill.

  14. With one of these bright colored pens I’m sure I can prove my culinary skills as a master chef! It will be our little secret! I love trying new dishes every week from your website and the pictures are mouthwatering!


  15. I would love to win a Thermapen. My entire family decided to go completely kosher a couple of months ago and since it’s so new cooking is a bit of a challenge. Anything to make it easier would be great, and since I have ALWAYS been terrible at knowing when meat was cooked properly, it will not only be helpful but also healthier for all of us.

  16. A thermapen would be great to use with the fabulous recipes and ideas on your site.

  17. I always look forward to your e mails and then following the link to the new things available on your site.
    This prize looks wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. I need this Thermapen badly! I have a terrible habit of always overcooking chicken and steaks – I’d love to redeem my reputation :-)! Great website. Thanks for all the terrific recipe ideas

  19. the recipes are so user friendly and the blogs always give a great insight to cooking- keep it up

  20. I enjoy your website very much.
    The recipes are very useful and I love your cooking advice.
    I started using a thermometer for roasting turkey and now find
    it to be a necessary element for much of my cooking experiences.

  21. Leave it to to show the best products. It would be wonderful to have the pen and be sure I am accurate all the time. Thanks for the Giveaway contest!

  22. I would love this. Sounds easy to use, & looks so-o-o classy. I love your recipes, & ideas!

  23. Hi,
    I love receiving emails from GKC!
    I read all the articles, try out the recipes, and get inspired to be a better cook for my family!
    Thank you for the Giveaway contests – you always have such exciting products.
    I live in Denver, and because we have such GORGEOUS weather here, we basically barbecue 4 or 5 times/week in the spring and summer.
    I just know that the thermapen will come in handy and keep us eating healthy throughout the bbq season.

  24. I love visiting this website – there’s always a fascinating article, a great new recipe and gadgets galore!


  25. This will help to round out my kitchen gadgets to help me be a more “perfect at home cook. I would like to also buy these for my mom and kids if they are user friendly. Thank you for having these give away contests.

  26. My family will only eat their meat very rare so a good thermometer would be very useful

  27. Thank you for your wonderful site. The recipes and videos are amazing. I am, or rather used to be, a cookbook collector with over 600 cookbooks and magazines to my name. Not collecting anymore! Your site is one of my favorite go to sites for recipes.
    The Thermapen is my dream gadget! I would LOVE to win it!!!

  28. Great new addition to an already wonderful web site. So fun to watch and great quick recipes! Elizabeth, you are a natural and I love to watch you take that bite of the finished dish. You are so genuinely enjoying the taste of the food and it comes across to your audience.
    The Thermapen looks like a must have item.
    I am a slave to my meat thermometer and am always second guessing it’s accuracy. The colors are also so pretty!

  29. I would love to win the thermapen, especially in pink. We are going to my daughter’s house for Shavuous and they love to grill. It would make a great present! Just love your website!

  30. I used to collect cook books. Had over 600 at one time. No more! GKC is my go to site for great mouthwatering recipes that come out good every time!
    Your videos are very well done and I enjoy watching them and getting inspired by them.
    I would love to win a thermapen!

  31. Thank you for your web site. Whenever I am looking for a recipe, I know just where to come. In addition, I’ve been meaning to buy myself a cooking thermometer so to win one would be really nice.

  32. I am in the video business and would love to send you a video of grilling with my thermapen!

  33. Love all the assortment of recipes found on this website!! I’ve been a fan from the beginning!!!