Kosher Food and Wine 2013

Bigger, better, and so much fun, Kosher Food and Wine 2013 was a huge success!  KFWE was a sold out event with old and new wine and food favorites.  It’s an event that truly demonstrates the incredible and large amount of kosher wine that Royal Wine Company is involved with.  You name the palate, the flavor, the look, the geography, the price point; Royal Wine Company is working on creating an incredible selection of wine from around the globe for the kosher consumer.  We are really lucky.

Gilad, winemaker of Flam

Hagafen winemaker Ernie Weir

Soreka Winemakers

I began the night with some of last year’s favorites, Flam, Tulip and Psagot that had some 2013 favorites too.  The Flam Classico and Rose are super.  I love the Classico with anything and think the Rose will be a big hit this summer for warm days and lighter meats, like veal.  Tulip wowed me with their “Just” Merlot and Reserve Cabernet. The Syrah is excellent. Get their wines while they are available, the Just 2010 sold out before I could get my hands on it.  Psagot is always pleasing to me and I loved tasting the new Single Vineyard.  It pairs well with Shabbos food like chicken and lighter meats.  Soreka was a new wine to taste and I loved the bite of honey at the end of it.  It’s not a sweet wine but has a port like quality to it, rich and enjoyable with a hint of sweet.  Goose Bay from New Zealand is making great wines.  For white wine drinkers, I like the Sauvignon Blanc and for the Pinot lovers, their Pinot is terrific. We get a lot of requests for good Pinot Noir and this one is a good one to try. Another newcomer to KFWE that I enjoyed, Domaine Netofa.  Their Tinto wine is light and fruity and full of aroma and flavor.  It was great to see Ernie Weir of  Hagafen winery in Napa Valley.  We visited his winery many years ago when they were making just a limited number of bottles.  Now, so popular and successful, they have a gorgeous wine-tasting room and facility for visitors.  His Pinot and Dry White Riesling were event favorites.  I can’t wait to visit his winery this summer.

Fabulous grilled hanger steak by Le Marais

BBQ short ribs with jalapeño cream from Prime Grill

"FLT" sandwich by jack's Gourmet, facon, lettuce and tomato yum

My brother Bobby's awesome salsa

Jeff and Alison Nathan from Abigael's

And Yes, there was great food at this event.  In between wine tasting, I enjoyed seeing GKC friend Jose Meirelles, from Le Marais.  My comment after tasting the grilled hanger steak with winter vegetables, “always perfectly prepared!”  So tasty, seared on the outside and pink on the inside, Chef and owner Jose masters the art of preparing steak.  Chef David Kolotkin from Prime Grill, made an amazing dish of BBQ short ribs with a jalapeno cream sauce over a polenta cake.  The meat had amazing slow cooked barbeque flavor and I could eat the jalapeno cream on anything.  Jack’s Gourmet is all the rage with their new “Facon” product.  You know I’ve used it many times on GKC and I loved their FLT sandwich.  Chef Moshe Wendel from Pardes always scores well with his interesting combinations and my taste buds.  This year he soared with Smoked Rib eye Carpaccio stuffed with molasses braised bacon mousse, topped with pickled shitake and mustard threads and a yummy crunch on top made of watermelon radish.  How is that for complex and unusual?  We saw Bobby from My Brother Bobby’s Salsa, still the tastiest salsa ever.  I love the color, the flavor and especially the freshness.  We always love to see you Bobby!  Lastly, I enjoyed the magnificent presentation by Heavenly Events and Catering (their fish tartars looked super chic and creative) and Gemstone Caterers with their super unique and delicious jello shot bar.  This is not your mother’s jello!

Best of all, we always love sharing KFWE with good friends and all the GKC vendor friends.  Royal Wine and especially Gary, thanks for an amazing job!!

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