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I am always interested in the articles on food trends and what people are really eating. First because I am a foodie and so I genuinely like to be making and creating recipes that are considered “hot” but second, because I often find them humorous.  I mean, what makes a chocolate cake a food trend? I think chocolate cake is in style any time.  And this year the must try food of 2013, according to CNN food reporter, is rabbit…ehhh, gross, and treif.  Another interesting and somewhat laughable choice, duck eggs (yes, this was on lots of lists), apparently richer tasting than chicken eggs and really expensive. I will keep you posted on this, as I have never tried a duck egg.

After reading many predictions and suggestions, here are the GKC food trends of 2013 that are kosher and worth exploring.

Greek Yogurt – In my opinion Greek yogurt has been a food trend since I first posted about it four years ago. Its my go to breakfast, makes a great yogurt parfait and is wonderful mixed with cucumbers, dill, apple and lemon juice, served with grilled fish.  See recipes with yogurt here.

Blondies – I guess the brownie is stepping aside this year and making room for the Blondie.  I’ve always loved blondies and am thrilled it made the list.

Goodbye S’riacha…apparently, my fav spicy sauce, S’riacha has been lost its stature to fresh horseradish.  Its popping up on upscale menus across the country as a condiment and entree, in horseradish ketchup sauce, topped on grilled steaks, and layered on shaved vegetable salads (this is a big trend too – all that mesclun is no longer the salad to make).  This one I may save for Passover.

Soda machines – I think the kosher community has been ahead of its time on homemade soda and seltzer. Everyone I know (except me) owns an in-home machine.  Costco sold out of them around here but they are getting colored and fancy from companies like Soda Stream.

Wacky Ramen noodle mixtures – Ramen noodles with mango, cucumber and curry or Sausage, roasted tomato, and ramen noodles, that’s the new pasta trend.  GKC loves ramen noodles in salads and for extra crunch.  Try it in these recipes.  We have a great wacky ramen salad in our upcoming book, but you have to stay tuned for that!

Chef mashups – I love this idea.  Chef Eric Ripert and chocolatier Christopher Curtin and author/chef Anthony Bourdain came together to create the ultimate Good and Evil Chocolate bar (its not kosher but the concept intrigued me).  I think it’s awesome to have experts from different venues come together to create something divine.  Kosher chefs, anyone in? GKC readers would love to cool kosher mashups.  Sounds like a good event to me!

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  1. You have a book in the works?! Yay! I’m a little late to the party; I just bought a soda stream about 2 weeks ago. Do you ever listen to the Splendid Table? My local NPR does not broadcast it, so I stream it on my laptop, usually when I am working in the kitchen. Yes, a lot of the chefs/recipes/info is treif, but it still informs. I listened to an episode recently about soda making; here’s a link to it if anyone is interested:

    There is a recipe for homemade Spruce Beer (like Root Beer) on the website.

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