Some New Beginnings

Although January 1st does not mark the New Year on the Jewish calendar, it will mark some new beginnings on GKC that we are very excited about. First, the site is currently being renovated. No big overhaul just a few small changes to clean it up a bit and improve the index. Second, and very exciting, we are adding video to GKC! I am currently contracted with a production team to create a large library of cooking videos that will be syndicated to some popular magazine websites and also appear on GKC.

We spent two days shooting video thus far and completed 13 videos. Speaking to a camera is harder than it looks but the cooking part was a blast. The crew is amazing and so talented and they make it all look so great. I loved the kitchen (many thanks SW for your amazing set and graciousness!) and all my new kitchen tools are almost too beautiful to use. I can’t wait to share the videos with all of you! Here are few sneak peak photos to let you in on our fun.

Happy Last Day of Hanukah!


6 thoughts on “Some New Beginnings

  1. I really enjoy the consistently delicious recipes on your website. I can’t wait to have videos to inspire me ever more in the kitchen.

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