Mastering Stir Fry

Leaning how to make knock’em dead stir-fries is an essential technique for mid-week cooking. Becoming a Wok Master is easy with these quick tips.

GKC stir-fry master tips:
1. All ingredients must be super dry, or they will steam instead of sauté plus this added moisture will make the stir-fry mushy.
2. Cut veggies into same-size pieces so they cook evenly.
3. Get the wok or sauté pan really hot. It should be just starting to smoke before adding oil to the pan.
4. Use oil that has a high smoke point (one that can heat to a high temperature), like canola, peanut or sunflower.
5. Add dense vegetables and meat first, then seasonings (like ginger and garlic) and then fragile ingredients (like leafy greens). Add sauce last and just heat until warmed through.
6. Drizzle sauce down the inner edge of the wok or sauté pan so the temperature stays high.
7. Don’t overstuff the wok, or the food will steam. Its important that all the food touches the surface of the pan to get a nice browned and crisped texture.

Try these tips with this easy and delicious Chicken or Meat Stir Fry recipe.

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