Featured Giveaway: Chic Made Simple Cookbook

Just in time for Hanukah, the new cookbook CHIC MADE SIMPLE has arrived in stores. Esther Deutsch, food editor for Ami magazine and super accomplished food stylist and recipe developer has launched new debut cookbook called CHIC MADE SIMPLE.   It’s chic looking, glossy, bright and beautiful with over 210 photos.  The recipes are simple so the title is perfectly fitting.  The author’s theory is that food that looks irresistible will also taste as such.  Her recipes are designed to look and taste like gourmet cuisine without the fuss. They are simple enough for the novice, fast enough for the busy cook, and impressive enough for the most accomplished.

The book features recipes like Clementine Glazed Chicken and Baby Arugula Salad with Balsamic Soy Vinaigrette (that sounds like it will be a GKC fav!), Sushi Gefilte Fish, and Striped Sesame Teriyaki Salmon (this looks like you catered it!).  Much thanks to the author for sharing that sneak peak recipe here.

Have questions for the author? Esther Deutsch wants your questions and feedback. Ask it here, (questions get double entries!)  GKC has one. How would you plate a piece of salmon that is cut after it is cooked (meaning a more rustic, jagged edge piece)? Stay tuned for the answers to all of your questions soon.

GKC is smitten with CHIC MADE SIMPLE.  You will be too!

Submit to win or get one while they last from Feldheim Publishers for $36.99.

127 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway: Chic Made Simple Cookbook

  1. Finally, a way to impress my three daughter’s-in-law that I am really, truly, simply “CHIC”! (but it can be our little secret!). Beautiful and elegant jacket cover and scrumptious recipes too! Is the cover picture chilean sea bass?

    • Thanks Peninah! Yes, the cover photo is a Chilean Sea Bass recipe that’s also great with Salmon.

  2. This looks like an amazing cook book! I love the idea of easy to make dishes that look really beautiful. Thank you!

  3. It looks like a wonderful cookbook! I would love to win and try -need to decide which cookbook I’m giving as my gift to all this year! Would this have a range of recipes for young and old, beginners and advanced cooks?

    • Hi Aliza –

      CHIC covers the whole gamut – from innovative twists on traditional comfort foods to recipes that are a bit more alluring. The book consists of eight chapters and includes all courses, from appetizers to desserts. All 188 recipes call for readily accessible ingredients. What’s nice about CHIC is that it’s so versatile that even if you have never cooked before, you will still find the recipes super simple and easy to follow. And, for the accomplished cooks, there are plenty of fabulous recipes to keep you interested. Enjoy!

  4. This looks like a beautiful cookbook. I would love to add it to my collection and explore new ways to serve delicious, healthy meals that delight the eyes as well as your tastebuds. Does the book have some ideas for Passover?

  5. Cook for a b”H large family. Read amazing reviews of this cookbook, would love to have it but no $ in budget for such a luxury. Hope I can win one instead!

  6. I am a cookbook-phile and this looks wonderful. The pictures are mouthwatering and the recipes are just waiting for me to tackle. I yearn for this cookbook. If it does meet my expectations I have a few daughters…….