Susie Fishbein’s new Kosher by Design, Cooking Coach

Last Tuesday evening, GKC got to rub shoulders with the best of Kosher foodies at Pomegranate market in Brooklyn for the official press launch of Susie Fishbein’s latest book, Kosher by Design, Cooking Coach.  It was a packed house with GKC friends, Sarah Lasry of Kosherstreet, Marlene Mamiye from The Jewish Hostess, the winner of journalist for a night, Chanie, for Lois and Roberta at Koshereye, Tamar from Joyofkosher as well as press representatives for all the Jewish papers.

Susie Fishbein put her experience of years of teaching to hundreds of audiences into her newest books.  It’s filled with 120 new recipes and John Uher’s famous photos.  Susie says, “Here are the best tips and techniques I’ve used and taught over the last ten years.  And now, they’re yours!”

What’s special about this book? I like the “playbook”  as Susie calls it.  It’s an upfront section of the book that helps readers who serve leftover snobs, like my family and myself.  Bottom line, my family does not like the same food served the same way, even on a different night.  Susie addresses this issue in her book and gives you time and budget saving ideas for how to reuse the leftovers from recipes in the book with additional recipes that include the leftovers.  I also like the inclusion of some new foods available to the kosher market like S’riachi sauce (GKC fav), Silan, a new date syrup and some delicious spice blends like Hawaij for soup.

Susie is comfortable and confident in front of audiences and enjoys talking about food about as much as GKC.  GKC asked, “Have any favorite recipes from the new book?” “Yemenite Beef Soup”, Susie said, with a confident nod of agreement from her husband.  She added that she loved writing this book and there are so many recipes that she enjoyed creating, testing and retesting to get them just right.

Whether you are a cooking novice or a seasoned gourmet, Cooking Coach has tons of great ideas to make everyone a more creative cook.

Available from Artscroll for $29.59 or submit to win one from GKC.  See our Featured Giveaway to win.

4 thoughts on “Susie Fishbein’s new Kosher by Design, Cooking Coach

  1. Thank you for your website and emails. I would enjoy some more supper ideas! We’re always getting bored of the ones we have…..

  2. Susie’s cookbooks always remain “stars” in my collection. I am looking forward to gleaning new delicious recipes from her latest “galaxy”. Many thanks Susie for all your efforts which now will reveal additional coaching tips to enhance our efforts!!

  3. What a brilliant comcept to make a cookbook that not only contains delicious recipes, but also gives cooking tips and ideas.

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