Featured Giveaway: Eli Zabar’s Kosher Basket

Eli Zabar’s located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and famous for their smoked salmon, rugelach, babka, gourmet cheeses and coffees, every specialty item one can think of is a favorite of GKC! For me, shopping at Eli Zabar’s is enjoyable and exciting, like cruising a farmer’s market and finding the greatest new and most unusual products and lots of kosher ones.  Not only do they have special items, they carry the best items, the best jams, the best smoked fish, the best chocolates for eating and baking, fantastic cakes and cookies, the best of everything.  Just walk through and smell the coffee, pastries, cheeses, and nuts.  You will not leave without a large bag of goodies.

You must visit Eli Zabar’s when you are in NY and if you do not visit often (why not?), visit them online and bring their fabulous foods to your table.

Eli Zabar’s also sells fantastic and impressive gift baskets for the holidays.  Baskets are filled with an amazing assortment of crackers, fruits, jams, coffee, honey, fresh fruits, candies, and seasonal favorites.  The kosher baskets all contain products with reliable kosher supervision.

GKC loves Eli Zabar’s and we can’t wait for one lucky GKC winner to love them too! Submit to win a fantastic Eli Zabar’s Kosher Basket just in time for Rosh Hashannah.

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Can’t wait to win? Order a basket today to share the Zabar’s love.

Kosher baskets are available for $150 and shipping is available nationwide.

87 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway: Eli Zabar’s Kosher Basket

  1. what a joy it would be to win this for my mom especially — missing my dad who passed away last year… it’s a basket of life!! shana tova!

  2. Just the name Zabars brings back many fond memories of growing up and living in New York. I lived in Queens but went to school in Manhattan and dormed there in summers and remember shopping at Zabars for all kinds of food and delicacies. A basket from Zabars would not only be filled with delicious food but also with wonderful memories.

  3. Zabar’s sounds delightfully wonderful, and so does the gift basket! We need a Zabar’s here in Salem, Oregon! Thank you for your great newsletter. I love the recipes, some of which I have made with sweet success! Blessings!

  4. I’ve never been to Zabar’s (and ironically have become more of a foodie since I’ve left NYC), but this sounds like a fantastic giveaway!

  5. I would love to win this basket! We have been using your Teriyaki Steak recipe this summer to rave reviews from all – thanks for a great website!

  6. Me too! Would love to have some new ideas, sauces & spices for the kitchen. Seems like I am always using the same sauce again & again & can’t think what to do.

  7. the basket looks gorgeous never knew zabars carries so many kosher products would love to win to try it out i have lots of company for the holidays and could use all the help i can get wow

  8. I’ve dreamt of Zabars my whole life .Being from Phila I only got one chance as a child to visit and I was overwhelmed with the sweet and pungent smells of the store, Oh, to go back again through a basket of goodies and to remember my grandparents who took me there to share our heritage! What a gift to share and stories to tell,

  9. One of my favorite memories is taking the train to NYC to go to a friend’s gallery opening with another dear friend. After the opening, we went to Zabars, got bags of goodies and took the last train back to Boston. Not a Rosh Hashannah story, but an sweet kosher souvenir.

  10. I would love to win a gift basket from Zabars, great store, great products and a very fun place to shop at. There is something for everyone.

  11. I’d love this basket. I’m having so much trouble finding things easily now that I just moved. There is a tiny kosher market but the larger markets, it’s hit and miss. I’d love to win to remind me of the east coast I already miss!

  12. I am in school on the UWS and I walk by Zabar’s a lot. When my mother was sitting shiva, we received bagels from Zabar’s as a gift from someone and that made me want to go into the store even more. I hope to make it in some time soon – the outside is so inviting! I’m just afraid that once I go in, I won’t be able to leave

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