We are Nuts for No Nut Nation!

Calling all moms and kids with nut allergies and all those who love tasting new delicious treats! GKC found another great company, No Nut Nation, that makes adorable, scrumptious, all natural, peanut free, and tree nut free products that you must find in your area.  People with and without allergies are going to love them.

We love their Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes because they are party perfect in both taste and appearance.  They are so cute you could serve them at a birthday party and we loved the moist cakes, the pure flavors and especially the swirl of cream cheese frosting. Best yet, they are not only nut free, they are egg free, AND all natural.  No artificial coloring in these cupcakes. No Nut Nation figured out how to use beet juice as a coloring agent so effectively that it colors the cupcakes without affecting the flavor or texture.  They sure fooled GKC.  The mini cupcakes are also available in chocolate and chocolate chip.

We also tasted their Whoopie Pies, OMG so super cute, individually wrapped and just delicious.  Available in an assortment of flavors, including chocolate, chocolate chip, and red velvet, they are elegant enough for a sophisticated palate and fun for kids too.

No Nut Nation has other products too. Try the “Perfect Brownie” or “Brownie Bites”.  What’s so great in these rich, chocolaty, nut free, and moist brownies? They are loaded with antioxidants.  How great is that? Eat a treat and remain healthy! No Nut Nation, does not stop there, their product list is complete with other items like chocolate chip cookies and cookie bites. Crunchy and moist chocolate chip cookies are terrific for school snacks or a mid week treat.

No Nut Nation is a company launched by a concerned mom whose daughter has tree nut and nut allergies.  She began baking nut-free treats in her home as a necessity.  She got so good at it that other parents starting asking for them.  She teamed up with another mom, and in 2010, they created No Nut Nation.  GKC gives our seal of appoval.

Lucky East Coasters, No Nut Nation, products are available in Whole Foods Stores and Fairway Markets.  They are very popular for schools and specialty stores too.  Ask your school or store to carry them!

Find them at NoNutNation.com
Kosher certified by OK Kosher. Most items are OK Dairy.

2 thoughts on “We are Nuts for No Nut Nation!

  1. I love your site and how it has listed many nut free things. What I find hurtful is like many other sites and products it says for Kids and Moms. I’m an adult with many food allergies not only kids have them and you don’t always grow out of them. The number of adults that developed an allergy to foods and other things are rising at alarming rates. You can get an allergy at any time in your life. It hurts that there is not any support for adults and their friends and family coping with this. Everyone assumes that it’s just kid that have this kind of problem so everything is geared for kids. My own Husband had trouble understanding how my nut allergies could get bad as an adult he has almost killed me many times due to this altitude and people at his workplace and family friends often tell me I’m just crazy only kids get new allergies or have food allergies. I would love it if you could please mention that Adults have food allergies some place on your site. It could save lives. I like the other things on your site also. Thanks for your Time. Sincerely , Mae

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