Vintage-Style Apron

photo: SurLa Table

Since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I like my kitchen to be bright and cheery, full of color and inspiration.  And I like to feel that way myself!  I find that it helps to wear a great apron – something clean (most of the stains gone), bright, colorful and even flattering.  That’s why I was delighted with the new vintage-style selection from SurLaTable. Each apron is different – slightly different patterns or looks, unique and attractive in its own way. Most come with matching potholders and dish towels to make the ensemble complete.  The biggest problem is choosing which one to get!  If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up as you get back in the kitchen after summer vacation, and in anticipation of the High Holidays, look no further.  And speaking of the High Holidays, stay tuned for our 2012 High Holiday Cookbook, starting Sunday, August 26th.

One thought on “Vintage-Style Apron

  1. These are really adorable! I usually go to Anthropologie for my Shabbos/Yontif aprons, but I’m going to check these out first. Thanks for the tip.

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