A Special Recommendation

It’s official.  This July is the hottest month on record.  But we don’t need the newspaper to tell us that.  We experience it every time we walk outside.  We frequently experience it even when we stay indoors!  And the last thing we feel like doing in over 90 degree weather is cooking.  Even die-hard GKC staff are feeling a little wilted in this heat.  So we have a special recommendation this week.  Visit our restaurant section, find your state and city and see what’s available.  This is the time to either go out to eat or bring something in. Sometimes it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.  And for those who still feel like cooking, you can check out our new weekly recipes or of course all the other recipes on the site.  But me, I’m going out…I’m anticipating air conditioning, good food and no clean-up. Need I say more?

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