Soft Serve Fruit Co

What do you get when you cross a health conscience mom with a ravishing sweet tooth, and an entrepreneurial husband? The Soft Serve Fruit Co., New York’s newest refreshing and healthy alternative to frozen yogurt. No dairy, no fat, no gluten, allergen free, low calorie, PAREVE…just simple wholesome ingredients like fruit, water, and a touch of organic cane sugar (Yes! That’s it), yield Soft Serve Fruit and yes, it’s very tasty.

Chloe Epstein, husband Josh Epstein, and tri-athlete friend Michael Sloan came together to develop this delicious product and the fantastic stores they sell it in. No chic and cold design here. These stores are fashioned like a farm fresh fruit stand in the Hamptons, with fruit crates and lots of shingles. Soft Serve Fruit Co. has an all natural and fresh feeling and taste. Their mission? Celebrate good, wholesome foods that are delicious and avoid empty calories. Fellow moms and GKC readers agree with that!

The flavors are seasonal like berry, and mango in the summer, apple and pumpkin in the fall, pear and cranberry for the winter, and almost always strawberry and banana. That’s not all though. They are currently developing new flavors, some surprises and some request flavors, coming this summer. We are sworn to secrecy but we tasted some and you are going to love them.

With Chloe’s guidance, (thanks for the great time!) GKC tasted and tasted and loved every bite. Our favorites? The strawberry and banana; strawberry was sweet and delicious and hard to believe that it was just made from pure and simple strawberries. The banana was creamy, just like the consistency of yogurt. Best yet, the adorable stores feature sundaes – we loved the Crunchy Salty (banana soft fruit, fresh bananas, pretzels, all natural peanut butter, and chocolate chips;WOW!), smoothies, vegan waffles topped with soft serve fruit, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, granola, and tons of other toppings that contain no high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.

Where to try it or find Soft Serve Fruit Co? Union Square, Upper East Side, the Hamptons, Fairway Market in Queens and expanding soon across the country or to your local market – just ask for it. They deliver too, to offices and residences as well as catering special events; just email them at for more information.

Soft Serve Fruit Co. is pareve and kosher certified by Rabbi Aaron Mehlman of National Kosher Supervision.

Try it soon! We will see you there.
Upper East Side: 1371 Third Ave, at 78th St. 212 794 2200
Union Square: 25 East 17th St, at Broadway 212 675 0550
Hamptons 869 Montauk Highway, Watermill 631 726 6166

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