Shavuot/Spring Wines

The weather is FINALLY getting warmer and Shavuot is almost here!  The warm weather and dairy Shavuot meals provide the perfect excuse to pop the corks on the newest vintages of white and rosé wines.

Most white and rosé wines should be consumed young, while they are fresh and crisp.  Which means that when selecting a white or rosé this Shavuot, try to buy wine from recent vintages such as 2009, 2010 or 2011.  Also remember to serve these wines chilled, but not too cold – that can mask some of their lovely aromas which enhance the wine drinking experience.  Try removing them from the fridge about 10 minutes prior to drinking and look for aromas of flowers, citrus fruit, berries and even things such as cotton candy or bubble gum!

My three current favorite warm weather wines are:

1 – Carmel “Kayoumi” White Riesling
2 – Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc
3 – Drappier “Carte D’ Or” Champagne

And there are 3 wines currently on their way to our shores that I am very excited about drinking outside on a nice day.  Keep your eyes open for their arrival.  They are:

1 – Elvi “INVITA”
2 – Castel Rosé
3 – Flam Rosé

Wine complements food and completes a meal.  Save the grape juice for the kids and indulge in a refreshing glass of wine this yom-tov.  But remember that whether white, rosé or a robust red, the most important factor when choosing a wine is finding one that you enjoy.

Gary Landsman, AKA the “Wine Tasting Guy”, makes, sells, writes about and of course tastes wine.  You can read more of his writings in his blog at or contact him with any wine related questions at

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