Walder’s Vanilla Vodka Mojito, aka Walderito

This is my new favorite cocktail. I have been gaga over mojitos for awhile now, but the addition of vanilla vodka takes the sensational to super sensational. Its especially good in the winter when the extra sweet warms you up and also in the summer when you want to be refreshed. Purim is a great time to try them and Wow your guests with the delicious lime treat.

Makes 4

1 cup Walder’s Vodka and Vanilla
4 tablespoons brown sugar
2 limes, cut into quarter
10 mint leaves
Crushed ice

Put the mint leaves, lime quarters and brown sugar into a pitcher. Press with a wooden spoon to release juice from limes and mint leaves. Fill with crushed ice. Add Walder’s Vodka and Vanilla. Stir and serve with extra lime zest and mint leaves.

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