Super Bowl Sunday


Whether you love football (like I irrationally do) or not, you can’t ignore the once-a-year phenomenon of Super Bowl Sunday, consistently the most watched show of the season. Millions and millions of Americans are tuning in and even if you are tuning out, you might find the food fun and appealing. There’s a lot of great finger foods for crowds as well as some special punches. For a great bowl to serve your favorite punch in, check out our great products. And here are just a few of our favorite recipes for when your friends come over to watch the game…or not…

While GKC has some great punch recipes, they are missing that all-important ingredient, crucial to a super bowl event – alcohol. This recipe, courtesy of The Food Network, is the best one I’ve found.

4-1/4 cups vodka
3 (6-ounce) containers frozen limeade, thawed
3 (12-ounce) bottles beer
3 (1-liter) bottles club soda
3 limes, sliced

Pour vodka, limeade, beer and club soda into a large punch bowl and mix well. Add lime slices and ice. Eat with chips and guacamole.

Some great finger foods to serve alongside the alcohol include Onion Rings Chicken on a Stick, Sweet Potato Fries with Zesty Dipping Sauce and the easiest recipe of all – Salami with Duck Sauce. Just slice salami, cover with duck sauce and bake at 400 until as crispy as you like it. As far as we’re concerned, gourmet doesn’t belong at the super bowl but easy and fun does!

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