Psagot Winery

One of the highlights on our recent trip to Israel was a visit to Psagot Winery. Just 20 minutes outside of Jerusalem and nestled on a beautiful hillside peak with hostile neighbors nearby, this winery was fascinating to me. As we drove there I could not help but wonder how the rocky and seemingly dry terrain of these Judean hills could grow anything let alone grapes. Yaakov Berg the owner and wine maker surprised us with his response. “This limestone rock is one of the secrets to our flavorful wines. The vines of the grapes grow deep into the bedrock and the grapes flourish from the minerals of the rocks.”

The beautiful Jerusalem stone visitor center of the winery has a magnificent view of vineyards, and neighboring villages. Like so many things in Israel, the Psagot winery experience is not just about making great wines, and they are great, it’s about falling in love with the land and appreciating the natural resources of Israel. Upon arriving we saw a wonderful movie about falling in love, with family, with the land, and with wine making. They shared a mulit-media game with us challenging our knowledge of Israel and the land and finally they spent time with us telling us all you could want to know about making great wine in Israel. Maybe most awesome of all is the ancient Cave from the Second Temple period where Psagot stores and ages some of its wines. It was discovered in the heart of the winery and is an ideal place for storing wines due to its natural humidity and temperatures. In every word that Yaakov, you could hear his deep conviction about the wines divine inspiration. The wines are divine and they inspire you to want more.

Not only did we enjoy amazing wine, our favorites, the flavorful 2009 Cab and the highly regarded and multi awarded Psagot Edom not to leave out the delicious Cabernet Franc, but when you go bring friends, it makes every sip that much more delicious and fun. I highly recommend making a special event at Psagot. We enjoyed a magnificent brunch, arranged and catered by Judy Bernstein of Judy Events. They served some of the best kosher cheeses I have ever tasted, wonderful salads of wild mushrooms, beets, and dates, super light quiches, warm soup and rich and creamy tiramisu.

Psagot wines are a must have for all kosher wine drinkers. We look forward to drinking them again at KFWE this Monday night and to visiting Psagot again very soon. Thank you Yaakov! You made us feel like those hills were home… We can’t wait to come back!

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