Giveaway: The New Bais Yaakov Cookbook


We got it! The new Bais Yaakov cookbook is everywhere and there is quite a buzz about it. Not only is it beautiful (photos by John Uher) but it is super easy to follow and almost every recipe requires ingredients that you already own. The recipes are simple versions of some very tasty food like Chicken Marsala, Duck a l’Orange, Herbed Tilapia in Lemon Butter, Caramel French Toast, Shitake, Beef, and Barley Soup, Pralines and Cream Semifreddo and much more.

Plus, and I think what is really special about this book, are the additional features. First, the book gives a thorough and compelling history of the Bais Yaakov movement. It also includes a challah recipe from Rebbetzin Kanievsky a”h and other recipes from Rebbetzin Braunstein. And especially interesting for kosher foodies, are the comprehensive guides in the back of the book for washing and checking fruits and vegetables, cooking meats and fish, and a lengthy guide to halachic questions in the kitchen. The book is not only a cookbook but a kosher guide for the kitchen.

Many thanks to Feldheim Publishers for sharing the book with one lucky GKC winner. And for sharing two more sneak peak recipes. To submit, tell us what interests you most about this book. We love hearing from our readers.

Chicken Shish Kebabs
Apple Buns

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136 thoughts on “Giveaway: The New Bais Yaakov Cookbook

  1. I would be thrilled to win this cookbook. My son and daughter in law really enjoy cooking and entertaining for Shabbat. This would be so exciting for me to see some new recipes to try myself and to gift them with the book. We would all, then have won something. Quite a bit of mileage for one entry don’t you think? Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.

  2. It would be nice to have a cookbook that used the ingredients that are already in my kitchen. I also love trying new recipes. Thanks

  3. I would love to have Rebbetzin Kanievsky’s a’h challah recipe that is in this cookbook. I presume there are other wonderful recipes that I would be interested in. I would love to add this cookbook to my collection.
    Hope I get chosen.

  4. I’d love to own such a lovely kosher cookbook with a gourmet twist, and halachic tips to boot!

  5. I saw this in my local bookstore and it was hard to put down (but alas necessary!) Would love it for my collection! Sarah Schnierer and the amazing work she started and others have lovingly continued has always fascinated me! And the recipes look wonderful too! A double whammy-winner! ESchabes, Passaic, NJ

  6. This would be such a wonderful addition to my kosher cookbook collection. I love to cook and the cookbooks inspire me! I’d especially like to see the recipe for challah as I have only just started making challah myself!

  7. i love new recipes and new ideas!! It would be amazing to win this cookbook since i am still newly married (even though its been 2 years) and struggle with daily dinner ideas, not to mention shabbos.

    I do not have twitter so i hope i can still be a part of the giveaway!

  8. Love cookbooks. Read them from cover to cover & then expand & cook.
    I am so tired of the same old meals all the time. New reccipes would be great.

  9. I really enjoy cooking and would love to try out all of the new recipes in this cookbook!!

  10. Im a newlywed and would really love this cookbook i thought maybe chanukah id get it as a gift but instead my sister got it from her mother in law and she just loves it. I too would really love to get this cookbook!!!!!!!

  11. was checking out cookbook in local bookstore, would love to win cook book to try out new recipes! thanks

  12. My favorite reading material is cookbooks, I must have at least 200 and guess whats missing….. the new Bais Yaakov Cookbook!

  13. I love this website! It is full of new innovative ideas for recipes! I would love to win a new bais Yaakov cookbook!

  14. I would love to win this cookbook! Always looking for new and interesting recipes. Thank you for your wonderful website!!

  15. I heard it’s a good cookbook. I love to try new recipes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. As a young college student coming to Judaism & kosher eating, I would truly love to win this book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I am a brand new Kallah, but an old cook, and I would love to win this cook book! I like to read cook books for fun!

  18. I enjoy goutmetkosher emails with new recipes. Winning this Yeshiva cookbook would be wonderful. I would like to gift it to my son & daughter in law who have guests for most Shabbat dinners. This way i can be excited about winning and they can be excited to have wonderful new recipes to try. Thank you for your consideration.

  19. love the site have made many of the recipes and they r great would love to win the cookbook am always game for trying new recipes for family and friends

  20. I find Gourmet Kosher Cooking recipes to be creative and exciting. Hopefully the new Bais Yaakov cookbook will be just as inviting.

  21. I love your website! Thanks for offering gourmet kosher cooking. I’ve been cooking for 25+ years now, and I love to try new recipes and to be creative with the food I serve.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  22. Would love to have cookbook to learn how to cook better way.. I love to learn what’s new food recipes are.. Hope I get it 😉