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Hot Chocolate on a Stick from Popbar
Wow! Popbar did it again! They created my new favorite winter product. Hot chocolate on a stick, available in dark, milk, and vanilla white chocolate. are so smooth, delicious and adorable. They make the perfect winter gift, snack, or comfort moment.

This delicious cube of fine premium Chocolate when swirled in hot milk turns into a frothy cup of hot chocolate delight. Each Hot Chocolate on a Stick is individually wrapped with simple instructions on how to prepare chocolatey goodness at home or in the office.

Popbar even calibrated each piece at 1.5 ounces so that those that like to bite off the stick as it melts can still enjoy a rich hot chocolate drink. That’s the GKC way, eat it and drink it.

Popbar hot chocolate on a stick is shipped nationwide through Amazon, and is available for local delivery and special events in NYC and the tri-state area. BTW, I had Popbar at my daughter’s recent Bat Mitzvah and it was a HUGE hit!

Submit to win AND get some. Trust me, they don’t last long in the house.

6 Pack Gift Set $18.00
12 Pack Gift Set $36.00

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34 thoughts on “Giveaway: Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick

    • Rabbi Mehlman from National Kosher. It is a reliable hashgacha. It is not a cholov yisroel product.

  1. I enjoy hot chocolate every night before bed, this sounds like it would make my nightly ritual even more delicious!

  2. chocolate – my all time favorite food group. what’s not to love? drink your chocolate and eat it too! would love to try this product. thank you.

  3. What a great idea! I’d have these at a party so everyone could have a delicious warm drink.

  4. I’m an event plannee in baltimore md. Would love to test out to see if they would be good at parties and events!

  5. These sound delicious! And my 3-year old daughter will enjoy making the hot chocolate this way