French Press Coffee

Upon awakening in Paris, the hotel delivers delicious French press coffee to your room. I am an official coffee snob and am particular about coffee beans, freshness, flavor, type of cup and what type of machine it was brewed in. So I was hesitant about a more “instant” coffee method. To my surprise, the French press coffee was fantastic. Maybe it was just Paris and the fantastic view of the Louvre, but the coffee was bold, hot, and flavorful. No bitterness or muddiness and really, really fresh tasting. When I arrived home, I immediately ordered a Bodum French Press. It’s perfect to use for a quick cup or two for guests and my new favorite afternoon treat. The French say that the French press method extracts the best flavor from the coffee bean. I agree.

Available at Starbucks, Amazon, and I got mine from for $29.95

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