Hanukah is not only a great time for wine drinking with family and friends but also a great time for wine as corporate or hostess gifts. GKC spoke to our best experts for their WINE GIFT SELECTIONS for 2011.

The first selection is a magnum (double sized bottle) of Capcanes Peraj Ha’abib. Some critics have called the Peraj Ha’abib the best kosher wine on the market and the magnum comes in a handsome wooden case perfect for gift giving (GKC votes this as our favorite wine this year).

Second, two special occasion wines from Israel are fantastic to drink and come in a gorgeous package are the Yatir Winery “Forest” and the Psagot Winery Cabernet Sauvignon. The Yatir bottle is adorned with a red wax seal while the Psagot has a replica ancient coin on its bottle.

A final suggestion is to ask your retailer for wines that come wrapped in tissue paper. One such wine is Herzog Winery’s “Special Edition” Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvginon (remember this great suggestion and tasting at the KFWE?! We loved it then and would love to receive this as a gift.) which comes wrapped in an off-white tissue paper and sealed with a gold sticker.

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