Kosherfest 2011

Kosherfest 2011 was a big success and by the looks of the crowds trying lots of kosher food, well attended. GKC was there, visiting some of our favorite vendors and making some new friends.

So what’s new in 2011 for kosher food? Here are some of our favorites….

GKC congratulates friends at Jack’s Gourmet who took the prize for Best New Meat with their zesty and savory new flavor, Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken Sausage. Jack’s Gourmet just gets better and better and remains a family favorite.

Osem came out with some fabulous new Bamba flavors including peanut cream filled bamba, butterscotch bamba, and strawberry bamba. All are kosher for Passover if you eat kitniyot. My favorite new Osem product is the Sandwich matzah strips available in both whole wheat and regular. Each box contains packages of matza strips that break into three perfect sized sandwhich strips (I tried it and it works!). No more wasting those odd shapes and sizes of boxed matza for chol hamoed trips!

Tishbi won us over again this year with their Strawberry Champagne preserves. The delicate and balanced taste is worthy of the Queen’s tea. Tishbi won for the Passion Fruit Champagne Preserves but the strawberry was my favorite.

Dorot continues to strengthen their product line. Now in addition to cubed, ready-to-use herbs that we have all come to depend on because they are just so good and so easy, they have cubed cooked onions (is that awesome or what?) and cubed sauces like, pesto, tomato and herb, alfredo, and garlic herb. This is fresh and flavorful dinner made easy. I also think the pesto works great as a meat stuffing or on top of leftover chicken and pasta.

GKC tried lots of great wines at the Royal Wine booth and loved seeing the huge line of wines they make and distribute. Many thanks to them for changing the wine industry for the kosher world. In addition to wine, they distribute lots of kosher products. One Kosherfest new product favorite in their line of distribution, and very exciting for parents, is Sugarfree Bazooka made by Elite. I loved it and can’t wait until it appears in kosher markets nationwide. Parents; there is hope for those children who consume 5 pieces of Bazooka each Shabbos.

Another new fun favorite is Rabbimints, a great kosher alternative to Altoid and a real mint, not a candy, created by personal friend Rabbi Mintz (get it? Rabbi Mintz – Rabbimints?) and two of his students with a good sense of humor and great entrepreneurial experience. The cool thing is that not only is the product good but they advertise that a portion of the product sales goes to charity.

One more that needs mention are the Rogue Confections. Absolutely gorgeous chocolate transfers, chocolate mini pops, cupcake toppers, personalized cookies and more.

Stay tuned, GKC favorite Pesach products from Kosherfest will be reserved for pre-Passover time and no one is ready for that now.

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