Chalk Hill Wine

GKC congratulates Herzog Wine Cellars on the top award at a prestigious competition for the Special Edition Chalk Hill !!!!!

The Chalk Hill Kosher wine beat non-kosher competitors from California and France to win the top prize.

In a surprising development for wines around the world, a California wine has once again beaten competitors from France’s most prestigious and historic wine regions.

Israel’s leading business newspaper, “Calcalist”, assembled a panel of expert wine tasters on the 35th anniversary of the famous (some might say infamous) “Judgment of Paris”. The Judgment of Paris was a tasting held in 1976 that pitted top California wines against their more well-known (and much more expensive) French counterparts. To the shock & awe of all involved, the top wine selected was a California Cabernet Sauvignon, the results of which altered the wine landscape forever.

In honor of this 35th anniversary, Calcalist’s expert panel conducted a blind tasting (where wine labels are covered and experts do not know what wines they taste) of 20 wines, 10 from California and 10 from France, some kosher, some not. Once again, this time with less of a shock effect, the California wine was selected as best of tasting.

What was a surprise to many however is that a KOSHER WINE, the Herzog Wine Cellars 2005 Special Edition Chalk Hill, was selected as best wine of the competition. These blind tastings allow for people to truly taste wines without biases or preconceived notions. The fact that Herzog came out on top is a huge badge of honor for Herzog and for the entire California wine region and for the kosher wine industry.

With this recent award, it will be hard to find in a short time. Find it at for $73.99

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