3 Thanksgiving Wines

For many people Thanksgiving is all about family, turkey & football. But as we have learned from Yom tov meals – adding wine, especially wine that pairs well with the food, can enhance the overall pleasure and experience of that meal. So with Thanksgiving right around the corner we consulted our wine experts and asked what wines they would be drinking this Thanksgiving. It turns out there are 3 types of wine (grapes) that are said to be traditional Thanksgiving wines. These are Pinot Noir, Zinfandel & Chardonnay.

3 Thanksgiving wines:

• Pinot Noir – a classic Turkey pairing as this fruity red will not overwhelm the flavor of turkey and has characteristics found at Thanksgiving such as Cranberry. Try the Goose Bay Pinot Noir.

• Zinfandel – A robust red wine commonly found on Thanksgiving tables as it is said to be a true “American” wine. With features such as spice and jam, Zinfandel can go well with a roast and satisfy the big-red-wine lover at your Thanksgiving meal. Try the Baron Herzog Old Vine Zinfandel
• Chardonnay – A rich and creamy Chardonnay is the perfect white wine for your white meat. The richness of Chardonnay also pairs nicely with Turkey gravy as well as mashed potatoes. Segal’s Special Reserve Chardonnay is a must try. In fact, the entire Segal line are wines to look out for. In their price point, they make many wines that are outstanding in taste and an incredible value.

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