Happy New Year

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There’s not a lot to say about food during the aseres yemei tshuva – at least there shouldn’t be! Our focus should be on loftier goals. But as Yom Kippur approaches, we do need to spend some time preparing the right kind of meal to eat both before and after the fast. There are different approaches. The before fast meal must have bread and meat as it is actually a celebratory occasion. The break fast can be either although we find that after a long, demanding fast, a nice rich meat soup is the perfect meal. And for dessert, watermelon is the best solution – refreshing but not too sweet (sugar makes you thirsty before a fast and may overwhelm you after –this advice comes from big fans of sweets!) Whatever your approach, GKC wishes you an easy and meaningful fast and a happy, healthy and productive new year. Here’s what we’re eating before and after.

Challah: try the delicious challah recipe or the very rich one
Chicken Barley Soup
Crusty Rye Bread
Smoked Turkey-Wild Rice Soup

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