1848 Winery

Recently, on a recommendation from GKC friends at Royal Wine Corp, I had the good fortune to try the new Cab Reserve from the 1848 Winery. This wine is just wonderful and the entire table asked me about this new winery. The wine is all the rage, being discussed online at all the wine sites and you must try it.

A brand new winery, “1848 Winery” is located on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The Winemaker, Yossie Shorr, is an Eighth Generation winemaker from the famous Yitzchak Shorr family that founded the first modern Israeli winery in 1848. This wine is sourced from grapes near Mount Tabor in the Lower Galilee. The 1848 Cab Reserve has aromas and flavors of raspberries, red currants and cherries that finishes off with a hint of roasted herbs (I think its this flavor that makes it special). As we start out the New Year with a special Kiddush, what better way than using this Cabernet Sauvignon, as the famous phrase goes“Cab is King”… Le’Chaim!

It’s a bit of a special occasion wine at about $35 but well worth it for a special Yom Tov meal.

You can get it online at Onlinekosherwine.com.

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